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"Just wanted to say thank you again Lucy for making the whole experience really easy, and making me feel comfortable being there with you. I wasn't looking forward to it before I came, but how wrong was I! You have helped me massively and I'm really grateful for the help you have given me."

"I want to thank you again for all of your help and guidance along our journey together. Since our last session I have grown so much in myself and have broken free of so many chains that I put around myself. I am a much happier and fulfilled person with more gratitude for the things I have in my life, and for who I have in my life."

"You have really helped me to silence my mind and my fears down. I shall keep that in my heart and remember to take my head out of the water and have more strategies to float in the ocean of my emotions.."
"Thanks again for your help and since I’ve found myself looking at more ways to let go and feel the sensations of where the energy is coming from. I found there’s this middle point between fear and courage that really needs to just let go and release..."
“Lucy is very, caring, considerate with a unique approach aimed with the individual person in mind. Working with Lucy is a self-learning process and she is there to guide and facilitate that process.” 
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